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     Dermatest is an authoritative German research institute and laboratory for allergologic and dermatologic
  researches providing reliable results. Ares Kinesiology tape has received the highest rating after dermatological skin test
  for primary skin irritation and hypersensitivity of human subjects.


     1. Cytotoxicity test & sensitization test completed by KTR. KTR is a renowned Testing & Research Institute in Korea.
  2. All made in Korea! Strict raw material choice and comprehensive production process are all done in Korea
with NO material procured from overseas.
  3. Plus, Ares Kinesiology tape is FDA, Korea FDA and CE certified.
  4. All our goods are produced under ISO9001 qualified facilities.


     Ares Kinesiology Tape is an elastic therapeutic tape for Kinesiology Taping Method, which is worldwide technique
  being used in many sporting fields as successfully as with patients in a physiotherapeutic setting.
  Ares Kinesiology Tape is comprised of a polymer elastic strand wrapped by 97% high quality cotton fibers.
  The cotton fibers allow for evaporation of body moisture and allow for quick drying.
  There is no latex in Ares Kinesiology Tape. The adhesive is 100% acrylic and is hypo-allergenic and heat activated.
  The acrylic adhesive becomes more adherent after a few days of applying. Ares Kinesiology Tape can last 3-5
  days at best and is water-resistant and air-permeable therefore it can be worn during shower or swimming.


     Ares Kinesiology Tape is designed to be the same thickness and elasticity of the skin.
  The thickness of Ares Kinesiology Tape is approximately the same as the epidermis (out layer) of the skin.
  This similarity of property to the skin allows for comfortable wear times. The acrylic adhesive is applied
  in a wave-like pattern to mimic the qualities of the fingerprint on the fingertip which assists in the lifting of
  the skin and allow for zones in which moisture can escape.












Front Neck Pain
Lateral Neck Pain
Posterior Neck Pain 1
Posterior Neck Pain 2
Neck Stiffness
Neck & Shoulder 1
Neck & Shoulder 2
Posterior Upper Shoulder
General Shoulder Pain 1
General Shoulder Pain 2
Shoulder Contusion

Medial Elbow Pain 1
Medial Elbow Pain 2
Lateral Elbow Pain 1
Lateral Elbow Pain 2
General Wrist Pain
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Outer Lower Arm 1
Outer Lower Arm 2
Inner Lower Arm
Thumb Pain
Finger Pain

Lower Back 1
Lower Back 2
Lower Back 3
Lower Back 4
Back & Shoulder
Upper Back 1
Upper Back 2
Abdomen 1
Abdomen 2
Abdomen 3
Abdomen 4
Rib Pain 1
Rib Pain 2
Tail Bone
Chest Pain 1
Chest Pain 2

Hip 1
Hip 2
Hip Joint
Muscles of Thigh
Front Thigh 1
Front Thigh 2
Posterior Thigh 1
Posterior Thigh 2
Groin Pull
Groin Pull (Video)

Knee Pain 1
Knee Pain 2
Knee Pain 3
Knee Pain 4
Knee Pain 5
Knee Pain (Video)
Patella Pain 1
Patella Pain 2
Medial Knee Pain
Lateral Knee Pain
Calf Pain
Calf Pain (Video)
Shin Splints
Achilles Tendon 1
Achilles Tendon 2
Achilles Tendon 3
Achilles Tendon (Video)

Medial Ankle Sprain
Lateral Ankle Sprain
Big Toe
Hallux Valgus
Sole Pain 1
Sole Pain 2
Planter Fasciitis

Frozen Shoulder
Shoulder Pain from Overuse
Intercostal Neuralgia
Rheumatism of Elbow
Tennis Elbow
Golf Elbow
Rheumatism of Wrist
Thumb Tendinitis
Rheumatism of Finger
Rheumatism of Knee
Calf Swelling
Calf Cramp
Rheumatism of Ankle
Flat Foot


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